Enrolling new students for the whole school year

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Welcome to our website!

We are a Czech language school in Amsterdam which opened its doors in September 2019.

Our school offers Czech lessons for preschool and school children, with classes taking place on Sundays.

We are enrolling new students the whole school year.

Students will not only learn to read and write in the Czech language, but will also gain knowledge of Czech history, culture, and traditions. In doing so, we aim to enrich students’ educational experience in the Netherlands, while also creating a sense of belonging with the Czech nation.

Who are we?

Photo of Ester

Ester graduated in 2017 from the University of Ostrava in the field of History and Social Sciences, with a focus on teaching in secondary schools. Most recently, she has taught primary school in Czech at the Schola Bohemica in Düsseldorf. She is passionate about teaching Czech history and culture to children living abroad.

Photo of Natalie

Natalie received her Master's degree from the Faculty of Education at Masaryk University in Brno. After graduating, she taught primary school in Brno, where she also led a classic guitar after-school club. Natalie’s teaching focus has largely been on developing reading literacy to young students in an entertaining and effective way.

Photo of Monca

Monika graduated from Charles University in Prague with a master's degree in Art education for primary, secondary and art schools. She taught at elementary and elementary art schools, led art education lessons in galleries and museums in Prague and abroad. Monika likes to organize experiential lessons for children, full of adventures.

Foto Vendula

Vendula graduated from the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice in the field of Primary education. She completed a one-year internship at the Czech School in Madrid, where she gained experience with bilingual children. She likes to prepare lessons for children full of fun activities.

Where are the lessons taking place?

Utrechtsedwarsstraat 13-l
1017WB Amsterdam
School illustration

School year 2022-2023


(3-6 years)
  • fine and coarse motor skills
  • speech and vocabulary development
  • first alphabetical letters, shapes and colours
  • Czech songs, fairy tales and poems
  • creative activities
  • school preparation for children 5 - 6 years

Lessons will take place on Sunday afternoon.

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